Video Clips – Spanish

Spanish-language Video Clips

These videos are designed to help illustrate the ideas in the slide sets available in the Every Child Ready to Read® @ your library® Toolkit for Spanish-Speaking Communities; plan to use them during your workshops.

How to download video clips/mp4 files below: Right click on the video title/link you’d like to download. In the window that opens up, click “save target as” or “save link as.” A “save as” window will open, allowing you to browse for the location where you want to save the file.
If you’d like to download the original, larger versions of the clips [40+ MB], click on the Vimeo links provided.

Stretching Language – Toddler [4 MB]
(Download original on – Stretching Language)

Pretend Reading – Toddler [5 MB]
(Download original on – Pretend Reading)

Sharing Books [5 MB]
(Download original on – Sharing Books)

Pretend Play – Toddler [5 MB]
(Download original on – Pretend Play)

Wordless Books – Toddler [6 MB]
(Download original on – Wordless Books)

Ordering Pizza [5 MB]
(Download original on – Ordering Pizza)

Talking to Increase Vocabulary & Compehension [3 MB]
(Download original on – Talking)

Teaching Letters [3 MB]
(Download original on – Teaching Letters)

Many thanks to Waukegan Public Library for creation of these videos.