Video Clips – English

Video clips from PowerPoint presentations

The PowerPoint presentations in the ECRR 2nd Edition Kit contain video clips. As a service to purchasers of the kit, for ease of downloading, we are also making the video clips available here.

How to download video clips:

Right click on the video clip you’d like to download. In the window that opens up, click “save target as” or “save link as.” A “save as” window will open, allowing you to browse for the location where you want to save the file.

Fun with Words for Parents and Children

Slide #11
Parent & Childhood Workshops, page 74

Slide #12
Parent & Childhood Workshops, page 75

Slide #13
Song Language Toddler.wmv
Song Language Infant.wmv
Parent & Childhood Workshops, page 76

Fun with Letters for Parents and Children

Slide #8
Teaching Letter.wmv
Parent & Childhood Workshops, page 43

Parent Workshop

Slide #15
Denny and Tanner.wmv
Parent Workshop, page 17

Slide #16
Stretching Language toddler.wmv
Parent Workshop, page 18

Slide #17
Songs & Language.wmv
Parent Workshop, page 19

Slide #22
Pretend Reading toddler.wmv
Kristi and carly.wmv
Parent Workshop, page 24

Slide #25
Pretend Play toddler.wmv
Parent Workshop, page 25

These video clips may be used only by those who have purchased the Every Child Ready to Read 2nd Edition Kit. The following credit statement must appear on any handouts, websites, or other materials developed by the library, outside of the materials provided in the ECRR toolkit. This permission is granted with the condition that the materials you create and use are for educational purposes only (not for resale).

“Every Child Ready to Read® @ your library® is a program of the Association for Library Service to Children and Public Library Association, divisions of the American Library Association. Every Child Ready to Read® @ your library® is a registered trademark and is used with permission.”